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Boris for Blackjack - Release 4.44 (Freeware)

This section of the Website is currently under construction.

However, you can Download the latest Freeware Versions of Boris for Blackjack (Release 4.44)
at the following websites:



Boris's Software Goodies

This page will probably change frequently; especially in the beginning. As a function of bringing Boris 4.44 "Live", this page will give y'all some "Toys" to play with. These goodies are already in use by a few beta testers gearing up for Boris 4.44a (and the King Shuffler) and have been available as full-featured utilities in the various Editions of Boris for Blackjack.

The 1st free Download for Release 4.44 is a simple Casino Management Facility (CasinoManager.Exe), which invokes one of three Freeware .Exe files. I offer up the Casino Manager here so you can play around with cards and card files, as well as evaluating the effects of casino rule changes. This should give you plenty of food-for-thought as you delve into more in-depth game analysis with Boris.


In the near future, look for other Freeware Downloads to appear, as their prototype projects emerge from their Phase I Development stage.



Downloading Boris' CasinoManager Freeware

Click on the following link: to Download the Casino Manager.
The above Download "weighs in" at 6.1mb; making it a rather quick Doanload process.


Boris 4.43 users beware:
Because this is a Release 4.44 product, installing this Freeware will probably "break" your current 4.43 installation. However, this Freeware is fully compatible with current Release 4.44 installations of Boris.
Boris 4.43 users should install this Freeware on a separate computer or windows "partition", or else, download the Boris 4.44 Update for your Edition of Boris for Blackjack; at which time you will get all the utilities anyway.


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